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Work with the best freight logistics company, to ensure your business is taken care of, professionally!

Why choose DFL

Dacar Freight Logistics offers an excellent delivery and collections service to every type of customer from professionals to domestic users.

With our base located in the middle of the country, making it possible to get to you in the shortest time possible. Dacar Freight Logistics offers a time and cost effective service for you and your business. Working with a wide variety of vans, Dacar Freight Logistics makes it possible that your packages, may it be large medium or small get to their destinations as soon as possible. May your goods be urgent same day or next day deliveries, or even sensitive shipments our company guarantees quality services across the UK. 

Here at Dacar Freight Logistics we show our dedication through the high quality of our services, But don’t take our word for it, please contact us and experience it.

Dacar Freight Logistics, close to you, close to the people.


When you need your goods to get to their destination ASAP DFL’s same day delivery services are for you. Urgent documents, equipments, or any other goods that you need to get to a certain destination as soon and as fast as possible, is what this service is all about. Contact us and after knowing the specifics we can ensure that we will tailor our services to your exact needs, so that your goods arrive safe and as fast as possible, so you can save yourself a hustle or an inconvenience. 

With our dedicated drivers always on dispatch we can deliver your goods on time, even if it’s about a last-minute delivery. You can’t see into the future, but for unexpected delivery urgencies you have us. 

Contact DFL with the utmost faith, and we will help you overcome the emergencies.


Didn’t have time to send something during the day due to your busy schedule? DFL is here for you with our Overnight Delivery service. 

Our overnight service ensures that your goods get to the desired destination while you sleep. Perfect for domestic customers or businesses who need goods at a certain point the next morning to not stun production or certain provided services. Ideal for emergency situations when swiftness is the only option. 

Our couriers come to you, collect the goods at any time of the day and deliver it overnight so that your goods are at the desired location by morning or at the specified time. 

Call us 24/7. With this flexible option we provide  you with   freedom and peace of mind, regarding the transportation of your goods. Anytime, anywhere, for you.

Next day

Waiting for a package or shipment to arrive can be very frustrating, not to mention, that you or your company loses valuable time from your business hours, not being able to work on the project without the before mentioned shipment. 

Here ate DFL we jump to your rescue with our next day delivery service. Contact us, we come to your doorstep, collect the goods at any time of the day and deliver it overnight so that your goods are at the desired location by morning. 

Call us 24/7! 

We guarantee that our services will fit like a glove to your needs. With this flexible option we provide  you with   freedom and peace of mind, regarding the transportation of your goods. Anytime, anywhere, for you and your business

Rent a courier

Do you need to transport some goods, but don’t know how long this will be, or if you can solve it in a single go or not? DFL has a solution for you, with our rent a courier service, you can rent one of our vehicles from our fleet with a driver for half a day or a full day, who will help you transport your goods where they need to be, without the stress of running out of time, or by not being able to transport all the goods.

Every customer can choose, for how long they want to rent the courier for, depending on their needs. We ensure that your goods will be handled and transported in a safe and professional way, according to your needs.

Multi drop (max 10)

Do you have a small business, that sells goods that are so desired by clients that a simple shipping address just isn’t enough? Here at DFL we help your business to thrive, by helping you to get your products to as many customers as you need, so that you can maintain or even grow your sales market. This service is ideal, or even better said essential for many businesses. In today’s society people shifted their shopping habits to an online one. This need is supported by all of us here at DFL by ensuring that the clients orders get to them in time in a safe and fast way. Take advantage of our multi drop service and ease the day to day hustle of the sales market. May your transports include 3-4 or even 10 stops, here at DFL we can help you to take off these weights from your shoulders. Try out the next level transport service.

1 hr pickup

Do you have an urgent package to send? Did an urgency creep up to you in the last second? No worries, here at DFL we try to solve your problems as fast as possible. With hour 1hour pickup service, you can rest assured that after you contacted us, one of our couriers will be at your doorstep within an hour to pick up your package and deliver it tho the specified destination ASAP.

If you want not only to resolve the problem, but in the meantime, while it’s being resolved to stay calm, regarding the safety of your package, choose DFL, our quality transport services provide the fastest and securest way of transporting your goods from point A to point B. So sit back, and let us handle the problem for you.


Here at DFL we value the opinion of our customers. We believe that there is always room for improvement, so we always like to hear feedback from our customers, so that we can learn from them and make their experience an even better one than before. 

If you worked with us please consider leaving a feedback, we want to know how was your experience with us, what areas would you improve upon, and what were you completely satisfied with. 

Here at DFL we like to build partnerships, and try to constantly help our clients in their endeavors, and always tailor our services to their specific needs. DFL, for a long lasting and well working partnership.